e-REC (e-Reporting Of Rare Endocrine Conditions) is an electronic reporting system which captures activity and allows for a better understanding of the occurrence of rare endocrine conditions. Having this electronic reporting system in place allows Endo-ERN to embark on its stated mission of objectively mapping the conditions, the services and other related activity.

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e-REC Advisory Board

Antonio Balsamo Bologna, Italy
Timothy Barrett Birmingham, UK
Maria-Cristina Burlacu Brussels, Belgium
Annamaria Colao Naples, Italy
Inge Gies Brussels, Belgium
Barbara Jarzab Gilwice, Poland
Michal Krsek Prague, Czech Republic
Klaus Mohnike Magdeburg, Germany
Ana Carolina Neves Lisbon, Portugal
Doina Piciu Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Vallo Tillmann Tartu, Estonia
Miklós Tóth Budapest, Hungary
Philippe Touraine Paris, France
Gerlof Valk Utrecht, Netherlands
Rasa Verkauskiene Kaunas, Lithuania
Birute Zilaitiene Kaunas, Lithuania