e-REC (e-Reporting Of Rare Conditions) is an electronic reporting system that has been designed to understand the occurrence of a wide range of conditions that may be encountered within networks such as Endo-ERN and BOND. The platform which was originally launched in 2018 is open to all centres that look after people with such conditions, it allows continuous reporting of core indicators of activity and enables clinical networks to objectively map the conditions and related activity.

Further information about current activity on the e-REC platform is available through its regular activity reports.

From April 2020, the e-REC platform will also be used to capture the occurrence of a new COVID19 infection in a patient with an existing endocrine or bone condition. The platform remains open for any centre that would like to participate. Further information and instructions on how to report

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To obtain data from e-REC or to find out whether your centre is participating in e-REC, please contact info@eurreca.net

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