Parathyroid carcinoma


Maria Luisa Brandi, Francesca Marini, Francesca GiustiUniversity of Florence, Italy  
Maurizio IacoboneUniversity of Padova, Italy
Lars RejnmarkAarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra, Mariya CherenkoLeiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands
Petra BruegmannEMENA
Elisa Vitella MeschiAIMEN 1&2


The aim of this working group is to develop diagnosis specific dataset for parathyroid carcinoma.


To date, a parathyroid carcinoma module within the EuRRECa Core Registry has been developed, launched and started to collect data on this condition. This module includes questions aimed at identifying potential factors that influence diagnostics and treatment of this rare condition.