Project Governing Board

The PGB consists of beneficiaries, ie WP leads, EWG leads and three others .

The PGB is in charge of monitoring all activities towards the objective of the project in order to deliver as promised, in due time and in the budget.

⋅ Faisal Ahmed, University of Glasgow

⋅ Martine Cools, Ghent University

⋅ Thomas Danne, Children’s Hospital Auf Der Bult Hannover

⋅ Mehul Dattani, Great Ormond Street Hospital London

⋅ Olaf Dekkers, Leiden University Medical Centre

⋅ Olaf Hiort, University of Lübeck

⋅ Agnès Linglart, Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris

⋅ Irène Netchine, Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris

⋅ Anna Nordenström, Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm

⋅ Attila Patócs, Semmelweis University Budapest

⋅ Alberto Pereira, Leiden University Medical Centre

⋅ Luca Persani, Istituto Auxologico Italiano Milan    

⋅ Nicole Reisch, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

⋅ Arlene Smyth, Office for Rare Conditions, Glasgow

⋅ Zdeněk Šumnik, University Hospital Motol Prague

⋅ Domenica Taruscio, National Center for Rare Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità Rome

⋅ Edward Visser, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

Project Governing Board Members’ Area