Project Governing Board

The Project Governing Board (PGB) consists of Work Package leads and Expert Working Group leads. Each Work Package has two leads.

The PGB is in charge of monitoring all activities towards the objective of the project in order to deliver as promised, in due time and in the budget.

⋅ Faisal Ahmed, University of Glasgow

⋅ Martine Cools, Ghent University

⋅ Thomas Danne, Children’s Hospital Auf Der Bult Hannover

⋅ Harshini Katugampola, Great Ormond Street Hospital London

⋅ Olaf Dekkers, Leiden University Medical Centre

⋅ Olaf Hiort, University of Lübeck

⋅ Agnès Linglart, Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris

⋅ Irène Netchine, Assistance Publique–Hopitaux de Paris

⋅ Anna Nordenström, Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm

⋅ Attila Patócs, Semmelweis University Budapest

⋅ Alberto Pereira, Leiden University Medical Centre

⋅ Luca Persani, Istituto Auxologico Italiano Milan    

⋅ Nicole Reisch, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

⋅ Arlene Smyth, Office for Rare Conditions, Glasgow

⋅ Zdeněk Šumnik, University Hospital Motol Prague

⋅ Domenica Taruscio, National Center for Rare Diseases, Istituto Superiore di Sanità Rome

⋅ Edward Visser, Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

⋅ Natasha Appelman Dijkstra (EuRR-Bone Lead), Leiden University Medical Centre

Project Governing Board Members’ Area

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