WP4 Core Outcomes: Resources

WP4 Members:

Olaf Dekkers (WP lead)Leiden, NLLeiden University Medical Centre
Alberto Pereira (WP Deputy)Leiden, NLLeiden University Medical Centre

WP4 Deliverables:

DeliverableTitleEstimated Delivery DateStatus
D4.1Report of core outcomes that are known for conditions covered in Endo-ERN31 Jul 2018
D4.2Generic PRO tool for inclusion in Core Endocrine Registry31 Jan 2019
D4.3Report of age and condition specific PCOM for conditions covered in Endo-ERN31 Jan 2020 ✓
D4.4Report on the use of PCOM (including PRO) and their potential for benchmarking31 Jan 2021 

WP4 Resources:

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